Specialty & Agro Chemicals America

Specialty & Custom Chemicals America

February 10 – 13, 2020 | OMNI FORT WORTH HOTEL, Fort Worth, Texas

The mission and vision of our new Specialty & Custom Chemicals America event is to create a forum that NARROWS THE FOCUS and RENEWS THE VALUE for chemical industry participants.

The overall trend of U.S. chemical manufacturing shifting overseas is well documented. Recently though, amid quality and logistics concerns, the chemical industry is seeing a growing number of projects return to domestic suppliers. This “reshoring” trend is further strengthened by the advance of new applications that involve the higher-technology and higher-value end of the chemical market, the majority of which have always been supported by domestic suppliers.

The mission of both Chemicals America events is to showcase the distinctive value of the American chemical industry and ultimately help support this favorable domestic manufacturing shift. Our program will welcome global participants, while exclusively featuring exhibitors that offer significant manufacturing, service, or sales operations based within North America.

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