Official Methods of Analysis 2023

ASHP’s New and Expanded Guide to IV Compatibility & Stability

For more than 40 years ASHP has published the most trusted resource for injectable drug information. Our new ASHP® Injectable Drug InformationTM now delivers the same high-quality content that you can expect from ASHP with even MORE of the information you need to make decisive patient care decisions.

ASHP® Injectable Drug InformationTM 2023 now comes complete with 2 years of digital interactive access and a print edition to ensure you have constant, uninterrupted access. The digital content is interactive, mobile, and updated quarterly. Your 2 years of digital interactive access also includes linked monographs to Extended Stability for Parenteral Drugs, forming a single, comprehensive resource on injectable drug information. Current 2023 edition features 18 new monographs and nearly 200 new references for a total of over 24,000 total compatibility pairs.

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